Crafting began with my mother, who showed me how to knit and crochet. I did as most beginners do, adding and losing stitches by accident and creating a strange shape with holes. With practice and patience (from my mother), I went on to create scarves, blankets, sweaters, and the cutest baby clothes.

I grew up to enjoy interior design and became a dab hand with wallpaper and paint, renovating a number of properties over the years. I moved with my family from England to Estonia in 2009, to restore our 19th Century manor estate (Wechmuth Manor) and progressed from decorating walls to making soft furnishings for our home too; ready-made items were not so readily available here.

Making jewellery with beads and metal findings began shortly after settling in Estonia. My work was popular with friends and relatives, who asked for bespoke pieces for themselves and their friends. I also repaired jewellery made by others, which had come apart due to poor workmanship or wear and tear - this helped me appreciate the use of good materials and construction.

I began to experiment with wire wrapping and weaving and, as my work progressed, I introduced silver plated and sterling silver wire to my pieces along with semi-precious stones. Once I got hooked on wire work, I went to jewellery school to formalise my learning, gaining theory and practice under expert guidance.

Some people are happy to buy a piece of jewellery that has been mass produced and purchased by 1000s of other people. I prefer something special, and love being able to provide customers with a unique piece of handcrafted jewellery that even I could not make an exact copy of (even if I wanted to).

After amazing sales locally and at craft fairs, it was obviously time to take the next step and go online. With the help of my talented husband (who understands all things computer related) "Artisanni - wire work" was born. I have now sold my one-off designs, including bespoke custom pieces, here in Estonia, across Europe, and beyond.

Our young daughters have already began to make pieces themselves; maybe one day they can also join our family business.