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This beautiful precious Ammolite cabochon with it’s dragon skin appearance has been intricately wrapped in copper wire. The colours in the stone are amazing, autumnal reddish brown, gold, burnt orange with flashes of green.  If you would like to see more of this stones natural beauty, take a look at our Instagram pictures and video.  

The piece measures approximately 60 mm long and 38 mm wide. The stone is 41mm x 36mm x 7mm. It comes with a black leather cord that has sliding knots to enable you to choose the length you wish to wear it. If you would like an alternative necklace to showcase your pendant, please see our chain collection

Ammolite is a rare precious gemstone made of the fossilised shells of ammonites. It is an organic gemstone found in only one area of the world, the area around Alberta, Canada, where during fossilisation the colours are produced by the surrounding minerals.

Ammolite is said to bring good luck and prosperity, radiating positive Earth energy.