Brand: Artisanni

Product Code: S-002

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These pieces were created using silver plated copper wire. The earrings and pendant contain Red Coral and glass beads. The pendant is handcrafted, the earring hooks are purchased items. The earring hooks are also silver plated.

This set comes with a 0.9mm fine chain in sterling silver. The chain is adjustable and can be worn at 16" or 18" (40 or 45cm).

The pendant is approximately 90mm long and 35mm wide. The earrings are approximately 55mm long (measurement from the top of the the curve of the ear hook).

Red Coral is said to increase energy and activity, reduce fever, boost financial success, cure and prevents cancers, enhance courage, strength and leadership, eliminate headaches and cure jaundice. It is also believed to defeat mental depression and stop nightmares.